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Museum of Tinos Traditional Ceramics

Aetofolia, Tinos

The Tinos Traditional Ceramics Museum in Aetofolia, Tinos

Its key location has rendered Tinos, ever since pre-revolution years, one of the major commercial stations in the Aegean as evidenced by the large number of vessels from other regions, found on the island.

In the 19th century, the pottery workshops began operating, and continued into the 20th century, with the ceramics production always playing an important role in Tinos life.

The potters, coming from Syfnos who settled and worked on the island (20th c.), influenced the style of carving Tinian ceramics in which there are clear references to Sifnos.

The Cultural Association of Aetofolia members of Tinos with the help of the villagers provided for the traditional Cycladic house that houses the museum.

The museum’s collection includes vases and utility objects (eg pitcher, jar, jars, pans, etc.). The majority of exhibits donated by residents of Aetofolia and the surrounding villages while a number of vases have been collected from France, Sifnos, Holland, Chios, Corfu, Halkida, etc.

There is also a laboratory available where you can have a close look to the way ceramics are made.



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