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Tripotamos, Tinos, Greece
Tripotamos village, Tinos: “The handmade…island”

Tripotamos is the nearest village to Chora.

It takes its name from its position since it is built among three rivers.

It is one of the oldest villages of the island. Within walking distance of the village are the ruins of the medieval town but there are also findings dating back to the Prehistoric and Geometric period.

On the slope of Exombourgo above the village there was a temple of Demeter. Archaeological remains found in the area are hosted in the Archaeological Museum of Tinos.

The village is of great architectural interest. It looks like a castle consisting of houses built very close to each other fully preserving the traditional character. Get lost in the “maze”, the picturesque cobbled streets are forming.

Walking through the village you will find the parish church of the Virgin Mary. On November the 21st, date of celebration, a festival takes place during which all the village houses are “open”to visitors.

Tripotamos is where signposted and well maintained trekking trails start leading to the town and its hinterland.

On Christmas Day the custom of Kavos revives.

Pay a visit to the Folklore Museum of Tripotamos.

It is also the village where the philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis used to live.

The neighboring village that stands as a continuation of Tripotamos is Sperados.

It is the nearest village to Chora, 1km drive along the avenue Tripotamou.


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