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Traditional Lodging ΜΗΤΕ:1178Κ050Β0011101 Tinos, Tripotamos, Greece
Crossroads Inn is a hotel categorized as “Traditional Lodgings”. It is located within the traditional village of Tripotamos, on the island of Tinos.

Crossroads Inn is awarded three years in a row by the Greek Tourism Awards with the accreditation status of Gold Award as the Best Traditional Guesthouse! It embraces, with respect, every aspect of Tinos Island to its 7 restored guest houses, in the traditional village of Tripotamos, offering the unique experience of the authentic island life in Tinos’ countryside: a unique hospitality experience within your living space, which preserves the aesthetics of the island and its traditions.

Crossroads Inn’s independent residences are located in different neighborhoods within the labyrinthine tissue of Tripotamos village, where its whitewashed housing clusters, the dovecots (columbaria), the bare Rock of Exombourgo, to the north (where the ruins of the medieval city of Tinos and the traces of earlier cities dating back to the Prehistoric and Geometric Eras are located), and the enchanting views of the Monastery of Aghia Pelagia, the Aegean Sea, and the island cluster of Delos, to the south, compose a landscape of such beauty and vibrant harmony that it takes your breath away.

On your way “home”, you’ll feel the breeze caressing you; you’ll bathe in the playful conspiracy of light and shadow; you’ll become part of the talks and strolls of the village’s people in their gardens, the tiered alleys, and the vaulted alleyways; you’ll hear the church’s bells toll, “drinking in” the authentic ambience of Tinos Island.

The Crossroads Inn Traditional Lodgings on Tinos Island express the charm of living the local life in the Cycladic village of Tripotamos, offering you the almost lost art of an “at home” ambience during your holidays and inviting you to live an unforgettable experience. Tinian schist stone and materials 100% ecologically certified, restored old furniture, as well as new one, handmade by Tinos craftsmen, traditional bioclimatic architecture, reinforced with under floor heating and ceiling fans, old marble lintels in relief that were integrated into the buildings’ stone walls that were maintained, decorate your living spaces, together with original works of art such as engravings, paintings, and sculptures of Tinian artists. All links of an invaluable chain, which heralds the charming treasures that await you in the heartland of the island of Tinos.

At the Crossroads Inn, the authentic Cycladic hospitality is a way of life! You will have personal care, with everything that will make your stay comfortable, pleasant and of high quality: traditional home care linens, maintaining the homemade freshness, slippers, natural sponges, handmade soaps and cosmetics, with honey, herbs and flowers, and a pharmacy of nature with pure, natural and essential oils.
With the traditional tray holding authentic Tripotamos raki and locally made sweets, the map of the Tinos island will be unfold, along with all its treasures, in a special and 100% personal concierge experience, which encompasses every aspect of your holidays, in order to enjoy every corner of Tinos’ discreet charm!

Do not miss the Traditional Cycladic Breakfast: start your day by sitting down to Crossroads Inn’s hearty breakfast, which features only the purest and freshest products the land of Tinos yields. It also offers local delicacies, handmade from the women of the village, which combine the flavors, aromas, and ingredients of our island’s traditional cuisine. It will provide you with the energy you need to follow the hiking trails to the enchanting landscapes of the heartland! When dusk falls, climb up the stairs of the village and head to Crossroads Inn’s vineyard that becomes a magical place where you will relax, as the vines rustle, sip on X-Bourgo wine, and nibble on homemade traditional delicacies, as you gaze out towards the Aegean Sea and the island of Delos.

Crossroads Inn is a labor of love: respect and nothing but, was their guiding light when they wedded the past to the present; and the traditional to the contemporary. Its aim is to broaden your horizons, introduce you to the Greek traditional art of living; give you the pleasure of spending your vacation in the tranquil and one-of-a-kind traditional ambiance of the village of Tripotamos; and of returning home wrapped in the coziness of actually having lived “the life local” at a village of the Cyclades island cluster.

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