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Auxiliary spaces

The building complex of the Church also includes the following auxiliary spaces:

Offices. On the eastern side of the complex, the first floor houses: the office of the Executive Committee Meeting of the Foundation and related information services, handling religious rituals (weddings, baptisms, etc.) as well as donations.

Chapel. In the chapel, on the right of the main entrance, pilgrims can light their candle, since, in order to protect the interior of the church and also, facilitate the smooth flow of pilgrims entering the church, lighting candles is not permitted in the nave.

Confessionals. In the confessionals on the western side of the complex, the sacrament of confession is celebrated.

Hospice. On the east side, the hostels can accommodate the pilgrims up to three days. Available relevant newsletter about their operations.

First Aid Station. In the northern part of the complex there is a first aid station.
Hall. On the east side, the hall houses the official events of the Foundation.

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