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Jazz On Tinos 2023 Program

JAZZ ON TINOS 2023. The program of the 14th Jazz On Tinos festival that will take place at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos, in Tinos Chora, 25-27 Αugust 2023

FRIDAY 25/8/2023

21:00 Vasilis Koutsonanos / Thodoris Kotsifas Duo

Guitarist Thodoris Kotsifas and bassist Vasilis Koutsonanos are two of the most active artists in the Greek Jazz scene. They have performed and recorded together several times as members of larger ensembles and this year at the 14th Jazz on Tinos festival, they will appear as a duo for the first time. Brought togeher by their common influences and their love of many musical genres, they will be performing a set comprised of original tunes which will be released in 2024, as well as renditions of pieces from the wider contemporary repertoire with their personal touch.
Thodoris Kotsifas – Electric Guitar
Vasilis Koutsonanos – Double Bass

22:15 Billy Prim Quartet

Drummer and composer Billy Prim will play a set comprised of tunes from his album ‘Ivora’, released in 2023.
Ivora, Prim’s sophomore release, is a concept album, reflecting upon and exploring the the inner world found within all of us, through the story of a hero who begins a voyage without a fixed destination in the ocean of his consciousness. The album takes the listener on a journey of self discovery, willpower and devotion to ultimately reach a place of one’s truthful inner self in the final song ‘The Breath of All Things’.
Through his own musical and personal experiences, Prim explores his own understanding of spirituality and the result is a natural sound with free improvisation, strong melodic lines and elements of other genres that bring out a profound heart and soul to draw in and holding the listener’s attention until the end.
Alexandros Lykothanasis – Piano
Thodoris Kotsifas – Electric Guitar
Vasilis Koutsonanos – Double Bass
Billy Prim – Drums

SATURDAY 26/8/2023

21:00 Grigoris Theodoridis Trio

Double bassist and composer Grigoris Theodoridis introduces us to his trio and “travels” us through his numerous journeys with his debut album Green of Silence.
The jazz scene of New York and Tokyo weave the web on which the expressiveness of the sounds of Latin America and the mysterious charm of the Far East finds its place.
Various musical experiences are reflected in bold improvisations that give breath to silence, ground to melody, space to noise.
The Grigoris Theodoridis Trio with knowledge and spontaneity, improvisational freedom and inspiration leads us on a musical journey with attractive influences from different parts of the world.
Orestis Petrakis – Piano
Dimitris Klonis – Drums
Grigoris Theodoridis – Double bass

22:15 Sami Amiris / Nassia Gofa / Gilad Atzmon Trio

The trio digs into the elements of jazz music and music in general, it explores the rhythm, and textures, the harmonies and the lines that bring beauty about.
It will delve into the American song book and even visit some unknown territories and mix different music colours.
Sami Amiris – Piano
Nassia Gofa – Vocals
Gilad Atzmon – Saxophone

SUNDAY 27/8/2023

21:00 Poesis Quartet

Poesis Quartet use the sound of Paris in the roaring twenties as a bridge between many disparate styles: Artie Shaw and Sidney Bechet meet Petroloukas Chalkias with dashes of Schoenberg and Trane.
In their live performances, Poesis move from compositions by Nino Rota, Django Reinhardt and Sidney Bechet to classics by Marlene Dietrich, while including their own original compositions which are in the same vein.
For the sensational finale of the 14th Jazz on Tinos Festival, Poesis will roll out a set that will appeal to all generations of music addicts.
Tali Atzmon – Vocals
Roman Gomez – Bandoneon
Grigoris Theodoridis – Double Bass
Gilad Atzmon – Clarinet / Sax

22:15 Jazz on Tinos Workshops – Graduation Concert

Following the concert by Poesis, students and teachers from the Jazz on Tinos Workshops, will perform in a graduation concert, where they will present the material they worked on during the Workshops. The concert is open to the public.



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