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Agia Thalassa, Tinos, Greece
Agia Thalassa beach, Tinos: ” Holy…Sea “

LOCATION: Agia Thalassa is located in the northwestern part of the island, near Panormos and approximately 29km from the city.
ACCESS: Arriving in Panormos, turn left, drive along the beach and follow the Stafida passable dirt road (400m) which is difficult in the last few meters (the distance is short, it can be walked).
MORPHOLOGY: Fine sand – normal depth – natural shade from trees.
WEATHER: Relatively calm

It is said that its name is due to the surprise of visitors when they first see it (“Ah Gia thalassa” which means “What a sea!” in the local dialect).
The Chapel of St. Nicholas is “hanging” over the sea.
It is said that in the ’50s a whale was washed up on the beach and that the bones of the whale were used to make the chair you will find in the chapel of St. Nicholas.



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