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Olive Oil tasting, Food & Wine pairing Trion Ierarchon, 84200 Chora, Tinos

Want to taste Greece? Are you in Tinos and want to offer yourself a life-changing experience? Join an authentic, interactive, fun and educational workshop on the art of tasting. Take advantage of your stay in Tinos and live the most authentic experience in the beautiful Old Hammam venue

During this workshop, you will learn how to smell, taste, and observe in order to discover the incredible flavours of fine Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils. You will participate in a sensory evaluation procedure (used by professionals to categorize olive oil), that will help you understand the true meaning of “extra virgin” as well as how to describe an olive oil correctly with terms such as “fruity”, “bitter” and “spicy”. You will discover how to recognize a defective olive oil from a good one as well as how to correctly combine specific olive oils with different foods in order to transform a simple dish into something extraordinary simply by using the right olive oil.
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 4-10
Opening hours: daily noon
Coordinator: Anita Zachou (Certified Olive Oil Expert, Agronomist, founder of Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting)

In the workshop, which lasts about two hours, you will come in contact with different wine issues such as: “Tinos Wines”, “The Vineyards of the Cyclades”, “The Famous Red Wines of Greece”, etc., as well as with labels from Tinos, Cyclades and Greece generally.
During the meal, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with details of each wine, its varieties, characteristics and origin as well as with the ideal combinations of dishes and raw materials. The meal includes 5 glasses of wine and the corresponding dishes.
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 4-10
Opening hours: daily noon

* The venue of the Old Hammam is located in the Mikro Karavi Restaurant

Trion Ierarchon, 84200 Chora, Tinos

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