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Restaurant - Venue Trion Ierarhon, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Call us anytime +30 22830 22818 Feb-Oct, everyday from 12:00

Tinos with its numerous chapels and churches hosts special events for guests coming from all around the world. Weddings, christenings, birthdays, bachelors and many events take place every year at Mikro Karavi, especially during April, May & June and September & October. We put the exact same quality and love to every dish, as we do for every guest who visits Mikro Karavi throughout the season. Contact us and let’s organize together a memorable experience for you and your beloved ones!

The cuisine is based on simplicity and the creative dishes are made with the best ingredients honoring the local production of Tinos. Following a partnership of mutual respect, the local producers of Tinos offer, daily, their best – fresh ingredients from farm to table, at Mikro Karavi. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh butter, thyme honey, capers, chickpeas, beans, cheeses and sausages from Tinos and the Cyclades, fresh seasonal vegetables from local producers, local meat and fish, handmade pasta are used to offer a memorable experience to every guest!

Every year the catalogue is renewed with different dishes and creations along with some signature plates that the guests love to experience every time they come back. Sail inn and start your gastronomic journey with the marinated ancovy & eggplant salad with tahini, try your favorite tart or the smoked eel with cous cous & yoghurt sauce, continue with risotto with cuttlefish and cuttlefish ink or with goat oven & baked potato with butter & herbs, be informed about the traditional vegetarian dish, the fresh fish and the risotto of the day. Finally, “drop anchor” with the desert of your selection (don’t miss the honey cheese pie with cinnamon and lemon and the Risotto style/rice pudding with vanilla and greek coffee).

The Wine List presents a selection of premium and rare wines from the terroir of the Aegean islands and the Greek Mainland (Macedonia, Peloponnese, Epirus). What’s more: at Mikro Karavi you can experience all the 21 different, Red, White and Rose, special local labels of Tinos, from the 5 different and very active Wineries of the island.

Learn more about the exciting gastronomic experiences (tastings, pairings, wine tours) offered by MIKRO KARAVI.

MIKRO KARAVI undertakes social events (weddings, christenings, etc.) as well as the babysitting during them, upon request, and is also fully accessible to people with disabilities.

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