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Monastiria, Tinos, Greece
Monastiria village, Tinos: “When Time produces Art…”

Monastiria is a deserted village with rare, wild beauty. The last house of the village was abandoned in the mid 1970’s. The ravages of time reflected in all the buildings of the settlement, fail to erase its unique architecture.

If you are looking for a different tour, wander the ruins of houses on a journey through time. Watch your step in summer (remember that Tinos is called Ofiousa=having snakes …), do not get too close to ruins and do not be alarmed if you hear strange sounds, as the village is now”inhabited” mostly of goats.

The only “live” part of the village is the church of St. Joseph.

Walking around the area, you will find the old road that connects the village Perastra and the valley (north of the village) with its picturesque pigeon houses and lush vegetation.

Situated 10.5 km off Chora (Tinos). Follow the new road network (starting from Tripotamou Av.) and turn left at the first crossroad and right at the second one. Pass Krokos and 700m off, turn right towards Monastiria.

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