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Perastra, Tinos, Greece
Perastra village, Tinos: “Ravine under the…stars (=astra)”

Perastra is built in a ravine near Komi village.

It was a turning point: the road connecting the Lower Parts of Loutra and Chora passed through the village. The position was what gave it its name.

It is a green village with stone bridges and traditional fountains, built beside a river.

A traditional path leads through Perastra to Komi.

Walking through the village, you will find remnants of old water and olive mills. A large feast takes place in the village on the celebration day of St. George.

Situated 10 km off Chora (Tinos). Follow the new road network (starting from Tripotamou Av.) turn left at the first crossroad and right at the second one. Pass throught Krokos and after 1300 m, turn left towards the village.

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