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Panormos Artists Museum

Pyrgos, Tinos, Greece
Call us anytime +30 22830 31262
Open everyday 11:00-20:00 (Monday closed)
Panormos Artists Museum at Pyrgos village of Tinos

The major area of the village is tightly connected with a long tradition in marble carving and has produced many of the greatest Greek sculptors. The Panormos Artists Museum contains works by significant artists coming from Panormos such as: Y. Chalepas Filippotis, G. Vitali, L. Dukas, I. Lampaditis, L. Sochos, G. Caparias, I. Koulouris, etc.

The collection includes some 50 sculptures and reliefs.

The Fisherman, the Reaper, the Satyr, the Child, The Philosopher, Hamlet, Cain, male and female busts, funerary projects are the key themes you encounter.

In addition to the sculptures in their final form, you will be able to see up close original plaster model works with discrete points set by the artist to be transferred accurately and worked on the marble giving the final form of each work.

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