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Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti

Kionia Tinos, Tinos, Greece
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Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti was a temple dedicated to the worship of Poseidon and his wife Amphitriti. 

The establishment and expansion of Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti dates from the period of domination of the Macedonians in the Cyclades (4th century BC).

The sanctuary gaining nationwide fame and culminating in the 3rd century was a magnet for pilgrims, even beyond the boundaries of Greece, such as southern Italy, Asia Minor and Africa.

In the 2nd century BC the Rhodians, then rulers of the “League of the Islanders” chose Tinos and particularly the Temple of Poseidon as the headquarters of their federation.

The last pre-Christian centuries are a period of great prosperity for Tinos reflected in the construction of new buildings, in the imposing sanctuary.

The original church (late 4th century BC.) was rectangular, with two interiors, the Pronaos and Naos (=nave).

In the early 2nd century BC, it is replaced by a larger Doric temple that houses supernatural statues of Neptune and Amphitrite, works of the Athenian sculptor, Telecine.

Other memorable buildings of the temple were the Fountain, “Avaton” or Infirmary, the Altar, built in monumental U-shape, the Arcade (170 meters of length), the “Platform of Nausios”,a semicircular marble votive monument with the statues of members of eminent families of Tinos.

The shrine preserved its glory during the Roman times to the mid 3rd century AD, when it was abandoned.

After abandoning, the sculptural and architectural constructions of the temple served for centuries, as a building material. One can still see built inscribed plates and other pieces, which disappeared from the sanctuary, in the old houses in Chora or in the villages.



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