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The traditional fairs in Tinos…

The religious feeling of the inhabitants, the great number of churches and traditions justify the high frequency of fairs in Tinos. In practice, whenever you visit the island it is most likely that a parochial or private celebration is taking place.

Historically, apart from its religious role, the festival was a major means of socialization and expression of togetherness of residents. Today, the traditional elements are retained and the festival continues to play a dominant role in social life.

Days before the feast of the honored saint, the parish (for a parish church) or family (whether it is a private chapel) undertake the preparations: the temple whitened and flagged, the picture of St. adorned with flowers, women make all kinds of dishes and delicacies (sweet and savory), the houses are preparing to “open up” and accept the pilgrims and visitors, as required by the Tinian hospitality.

On the day of the feast, the Divine Liturgy is followed by a treat in the churchyard.

Some feasts even have a special culinary identity, eg chickpeas for Santa Barbara, smoked sardines in Ktikados, dolmades for the Presentation in Tripotamos. All products of Tinos participate in the festival field, this day.

On many occasions a feast follows, accompanied with folk instruments (violins, Laouti) and dances (ballo, syrto), being organized by the local club.


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