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FOOD TINOS RESTAURANTS. The island offers unlimited options ranging from traditional grocery stores serving typical Tinian food coming from the past to award-winning gourmet restaurants. Their common characteristics are their love for good food, the imprinting of the rich taste heritage of the island on their dishes and the high quality of the local products used in recipes.

In the RESTAURANTS section you will find a complete list of restaurants and taverns but also gastronomic experiences, wine tastings, pairings and more. The internal page of each restaurant includes a detailed description, photos and videos, information, tips, typical dishes and of course contact details and a map to organize your taste trip. To facilitate your delicious wandering, you can browse the restaurants of Tinos through the alphabetical catalog or directly from the map, so that you know the exact restaurant locations of the destinations (Chora, village, beach) you choose.

In the restaurants of Tinos you will get to know the special gastronomic wealth and the quality local products of the island. Regardless of the type and the special gastronomic identity of each restaurant or tavern, the references – direct or indirect – to the gastronomic tradition of the island are present almost everywhere and are the ones that have established Tinos in recent years as a very important gastronomic destination. The Tinos Food Paths movement, the multi-day gastronomic event that has been established since 2015 and takes place every year, united the restaurant owners of the island and brought a wide audience in contact with the gastronomic identity of Tinos.

Browse the RESTAURANTS section and start your deli journey!


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