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Ismael, Tinos, Greece

Ismael village is an abandoned village of rare, wild beauty.

Heading toward the “Strait” (=Steno) Andros – Tinos, a dirt road on the right leads to the hidden ruins of the village.

The inhabitants abandoned it shortly after World War II and moved to the neighboring villages Marlas, Monastiria and Pyrgos.

There was a strong unproven rumor that the village was inhabited by Saracens (Ismailis) and thus how the name of Ishmael arose.

Walking with care, through ruins and their shadows, you will feel protagonists in a film.

Despite the ravages of time, the structure of the village is visible and you can imagine it when in its prime.

The ruined stone houses, threshing, wild vegetation and goats create unique, unforgettable images.

Located 27 km away from Chora (Tinos). Follow the new road network Tinos – Panormos (starting from Tripotamou Av.) towards Pyrgos. After passing Venardados, turn left towards Mamados. Just before reaching Mamados, take the road on the left to the Strait (Steno) and follow the dirt road on the right, in about 700m.

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