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Marlas, Tinos, Greece
Marlas village, Tinos “As old as the Mycenaean times…”

Marlas is a small village built on the northwest tip of the island after Pyrgos. The name of the village must have derived from the name of the region “Maroulados”. The first written references are found in the 17th century, but archaeological findings in the area, indicate that the village was inhabited in the Mycenaean period.

The population does not exceed 40 residents. In older days, it numbered many more residents whose main occupation was marble structure and shipping.

Near the village, there are green marble quarries which you will find on your way to the seaside towns of Koumela and Mali where you can swim in the green waters reflecting the
color of the marble.

From Marla, you can visit the ruined village Ismael for a ride in time, or the lighthouse at NW end of Tinos (the “Steno), from where you can see Andros within “walking” distance.

Located 27 km away from Chora (Tinos). Follow the new road network Tinos – Panormos (starting from Tripotamou Av)
heading for Pyrgos. Leaving behind Venardados and Pyrgos, turn left towards Marlas.

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