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Mamados, Tinos, Greece
Mamados village Tinos: “On the edge of Tinos…”

Mamados is a small village built on the northwest tip of the island, after Pyrgos. It was previously a lively village and most of its residents had been working in nearby quarries, excavating the local green marble.

Overtime, the population decreased and currently it has less than 10 residents. It nurtured many talented sculptors working on marble.

It was the hometown of Skalkottas, a famous Greek musician.

Starting from Mamados, you can visit the ruined village Ismael for a ride in time, or the lighthouse at the NW end of Tinos (Steno), where you can see Andros, situated ahead of you, within “walking” distance.

If you wish to dive in waters that reflect the green color of the marble, select the nearby coastal settlements Koumela and Mali.

Located 27 km away from Chora (Tinos). Follow the new road network Tinos – Panormos (starting from Tripotamou Av) heading for Pyrgos. Leaving behind Venardados and Pyrgos, turn left towards Mamados.

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