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Tinos, Skalados, Greece
Skalados village, Tinos: “Ladder(Skalados) leading to high… lands”

Skalados is built on a hillside, in the NW of Loutra.

Walking up the picturesque cobbled streets, you will find the apparent origin of its name, as “skala” in Greek means “stairs”. According to another version, its name is due to the many fig trees in the area as fig=syka in Greek (S(y)kalados).

The history of the village probably started in the early 13th century.

It is the imaginary boundary of the Upper and Lower parts of Tinos (informal geographical division by the locals).

It is a live and flourishing village. In summer, cultural events take place in the yard of the old primary school.

Located 9 km away from Tinos (Chora). Follow the new road network (starting from Tripotamou Av.). Turn left at the first junction and right at the second. Just before Krokos village, turn right towards the village.

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