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Easter Monday: The custom of Love

The custom of Love in Tinos during Easter Monday…

The custom of Love revives in Ktikados and aims to reconcile and settle together all residents of the village.

After the Divine Liturgy, the procession of the icon of Resurrection through the village takes place.

At noon, the bell calls the villagers to come to the church of (Ypapanti).

In a large room by the church, there is a large marble table that can accommodate three hundred people, around which the villagers sit. Indeed, those who had disagreements or tensions within the year should reconcile and sit next to each other.

The meal includes soup and roast beef, and a variety of appetizers, for which village women have taken care of. Here, those dining together ask for forgiveness from each other and then, a memorial, a nominal reference in memory of the deceased and Easter hymns follow.


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