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Good Friday: Epitaph

The Epitaph customs in Tinos…

On the morning of Good Friday, single women of every parish adorn the epitaph in the church. After the removal of Christ from the Cross, at noon, parishioners go through all the churches of Chora and villages, to worship Christ and pass under the epitaph.

In the evening, the procession takes place. The Epitaph of each parish goes through the streets of every neighborhood. The owners of the houses as it passes by, cense, holding lighted candles and sprinkle it with flowers.

In Chora, all the epitaphs are gathered on the marble platform at the quay, where they sing the psalms of Good Friday.

Then, the epitaph of St. Nicholas is directed towards the beach of Kalamia (or Spitalia). On the islet Chandra, located across the beach, large bright crosses have been placed. It’s followed by the priest and the cherubim, get into water and a Prayer for seamen follows. The reason for introducing this custom in the area was the drowning of a young man at this beach, on Good Friday, in the mid 80s. Then, it continues its route to the cemetery, where the congregation participate in a memorial service.


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