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Palm Sunday: Vaya

Local customs during Easter in Tinos: Palm Sunday – Vaya

On Palm Sunday, children used to weave a wreath adorned with daisies.

Then they would march in the streets, holding the wreath and “arginares” (Wooden Planes) trying to make with them the greatest fuss possible in order to exorcise evil. Reaching the sea, they threw the wreath in the water. Since on this Sunday of Lent only fish is allowed, they sang:
“Vaya, Vaya of palm
eat fish and mackerel,
and welcome next Sunday (Easter)
bringing the red egg! ”

During the church service, palm leaves are hanging from the chandeliers of the church and people attending are trying to catch them, carry them home and place them on the icons, every house has, as they believe they will make them live in peace throughout the year.


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