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The Tinian House

The traditional Tinos house…

The traditional Tinos house is simple, plain and functional.

The typical Tinian house had two floors with an outdoor staircase. The ground floor (basement) operated utilities, housing the winepress, the warehouse, the oven or the stable. On the first floor (upper floor) was the parlor with a fireplace, the bedrooms and the kitchen.

Internally, arcs are connecting interior walls and divide the weight of the roof, since wooden supporting beams were not used. Wall recesses serve as storage areas.

Exterior walls are white (In the Middle Ages, the walls kept the color of the stone – a kind of camouflage – so that houses do not become readily apparent from the pirates). The doors and windows are mainly painted in blue color with decorative transoms, skylights and embossed plates.

The courtyard in front of the house never looks to the North. It is paved and embellished with basil flowerpots and other herbs and has stone fences and marble tables.


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