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The Tinian House

The traditional houses are simple, plain and functional. The typical Tinian house had two floors with an outdoor staircase. The ground floor (basement) operated utilities, housing the...

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The Mill

The windmills first appeared on the island when Tinos was under the Venetian rule. The strong wind proved to be a valuable ally for milling wheat. The classic windmill has...

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The Fountain

The nickname of the island "Hydrousa" originated, according to one theory, from the waters and springs being abundant, in the past. On the island there are 86 fountains, built mostly...

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The Lintel

Lintels (skylights or fotothyrides) are very common elements in the traditional Tinian buildings. Placed over the doors and windows and, beyond their functional role to improve the lighting and...

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The Chapel

In every corner of Tinos you will find a chapel. It is estimated that their number amounts to 1000! If you consider that the population of Tinos is 8,590, you...

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