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The traditional Tinos sweets… 

The almond bites (amygdalota) are the most typical sweets of the island, often served at weddings and baptisms.

The pies (tsimpites or lychnarakia) is the Easter sweet made from unsalted cheese (petroma) and eggs, orange or vanilla. In many bakeries, they are sold throughout the year and it will be a “shame” not to try!

The skepasti is a sweet with the same stuffing with cheese pies but placed in a pan and served into pieces, like a brownie.

The psarakia is a Christmas sweet resembling skaltsounia of Crete.

The finikia are also Christmas sweets made with local honey.

The Tinian honey is pure, fine quality and is produced in the traditional manner.

Dried figs, plain or with nuts and cinnamon, is a classic accompaniment to raki.

Pasteli with local honey, served in lemon leaves is offered at weddings.


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