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A JOURNEY BETWEEN MEXICO & GREECE Agiou Georgiou square, Chora Tinos
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SANTIAGO TINOS. Wandering in the summer landscape of Tinos there will be a moment when the dry, barren ground, a cactus that was lifted by the wind and a lizard lying motionless on a stone will make you believe that you have been spotted in Mexico. Having taken photos that seem they were taken in Latin America and listening El Mariachi in the car while driving for your night out, you wonder if there is a spot in the bustling Chora where you could relax like a Mexican. Santiago bridged Tinos with Mexico!

Enchanted by their trip to Mexico, a group of friends gave life back to the building that had been in ruins for years (an old barber shop) which finally housed their dream, Santiago! Its special space was reformed with careful aesthetic interventions that preserved the minimal aesthetics and the sland color of the picturesque square of St. George, creating a unique setting that looks like it was taken from “Once upon a time in Mexico”. There, the Mexican air blows on the island of Aeolos, the Mexican breeze meets the Tinian tradition and the cacti resistant to the dry climate, coexist harmoniously with the Greek olive tree.

Relax like a true Mexican at the small tables of the typical Cycladic alley or on the terraces of the “cinematic” courtyard, sneaking glances at the open kitchen trying to choose. It’s not easy either. 40 different tequila labels (many of them premium) and mezcal (Mexico’s national drink which means “roasted agave”), tequila-based cocktails with a Mexican character, more or less spicy, sweet or smoky, but also cocktails for the “infidels” who will prefer gin-based or aged rums creatively combined with tropical fruits, citrus, spices and original ingredients, go through the list. You combine them with handmade nachos and tacos in three options: with shrimp, with chicken and with carnitas, the traditional Mexican cooked pork. Here the choice is easy. You order it all for a journey into the culinary culture of Mexico.

On summer days and nights you will travel to Santiago again and again! With your Cycladic passport and Latin American temperament! Viva Mexico!


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