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A JOURNEY BETWEEN MEXICO & GREECE Agiou Georgiou square, Chora Tinos
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SANTIAGO TINOS. Wandering in the summer landscape of Tinos there will be a moment when the dry, barren ground, a bush that was lifted by the wind and a lizard lying motionless on a stone will make you believe that you have been spotted in Mexico. Having taken photos that seem they were taken in Latin America and listening El Mariachi in the car while driving for your night out, you wonder if there is a spot in the bustling Chora where you could relax like a Mexican. Santiago bridged Tinos with Mexico!

The ruined building that once housed the traditional barber shop was revived with careful aesthetic interventions to host Santiago. Along with the background of the picturesque square of Saint George (Ai-Giorgis), it reminds of a scene from “Once upon a time in Mexico”. The protagonists here are both Tequila and Takos! 40 different tequila and mescal can be found in a shot, glass or bottle. Alternatively you may find options in wines, sangria and cocktails highlighting the “Margarita on the Plate” with pieces of pineapple soaked in Margarita cocktail and served with a pinch of salt. In between the orders for your drinks, you can choose handmade tacos with pulled pork, grilled chicken, fresh tuna or shrimp and Tinos cream cheese. You can also add tuna Ceviche and shrimp tartare to your order, as well as the two sides (street corn with coriander, lime and sour cream and nachos with guacamole) to start you tasty trip from Tinos to Chile and Mexico.

On summer days and nights you will travel to Santiago again and again! With your Cycladic passport and Latin American temperament! Viva Mexico!


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