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All Day Bar - Bistro Ysternia, 84200 Tinos
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ORIZONTAS TINOS. The central marble-lined road in the scenic Ysternia has always been the heart of the village. Churches, squares, social gatherings, traditional customs, festivals, celebrations, the grocery store, the shoe maker’s and, of course, the center of recreation and social life of the habitants the “Kafeneion” of Nikolaos Sohos. The traditional café where Mrs. Sofia, the owner, always with a loving smile on her face, “housed” – almost for a century – feasts, dances, people’s agonies but also electricity and television when they first arrived on the island as well as the Mambo, Cha-Cha and Yaga dances, the old gramophone, the old radio, the old and only barber shop but mostly happy people and their getting together!

Today, her grandson, Nikos Sohos took over, continuing the family tradition. With vision and boldness he created the ORIZONTAS All Day Bar renovating the old coffee shop. There he set up a modern shop, as the times demand, but caring to respect and highlight all the traditional architectural elements. The highlight of the area is the large courtyard, which “looks” in the south and offers a unique view that is not limited to the neighboring islands but is lost on the horizon…

Depending on the time of your day and your appetite, ORIZONTAS awaits you for coffee and breakfast, wine and food, raki and a variety of delicious bits and bites or meze (snacks), sweets and drinks. The common core is the promise of Nikos for high quality, professional but at the same time friendly service, friendly environment and friendly prices. Besides, the place has always been and remains a place for friends…

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