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Tradtional Cafe - Tavern Agapi, 84200 Tinos
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OTI NA NAI AGAPI TINOS. Open until September 3rd. See you again in the summer of 2024! Have fun!

“Oti Na Nai (=whatever in GR)”. A traditional café? A tavern? A group of friends listening to rock music and drinking beers like being in an outdoor pub in the village? You can’t say exactly. It is definitely a “Must Have” if you are tired of modern trends and appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the timelessness of authenticity. The setting there is a time travel, as if you have gone to your friend’s barbeque, back in the 80s. Small tables under the trees, in the village square, classic (and general) rock music, relaxed atmosphere, the grill outside and the “souvlaki” that Iosif prepares inviting you to a try. Villagers, tourists, visitors talking with a souvlaki and a pie in each hand and a few meters away, at the playground, children playing carefree and unsupervised. Reminding us of the good old times!

Whenever your journey takes you to Agapi – which you shouldn’t miss since the village is beautiful – you will make a stop at Oti Na Nai. In the morning for coffee, handmade sweets, sandwiches or breakfast with local products (luza, sausages, eggs, etc.). Then, at midday, for traditional fruit salad or special omelette “Oti Na Nai”, french fries and selected stews. While in the evening, from 7:30 p.m., the “festival” begins! The thraka (charcoals) is lit and endless well-cooked souvlakis, sausages and pancettas or steaks are passed upon request. You accompany them with fried potatoes, tzatziki, cheese pies and cheese croquettes accompanied with cold beer or raki. The holiday spirit doesn’t need that much. Whatever!!!


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