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Osteria - Cafe Vasileos Konstantinou, 84200, Chora, Tinos
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Pranzo Tinos Osteria. Why osteria? It is a long story!

A story that began many years ago when the ancient Romans gave the wild onion the name “hostaria”! The name was used even by the oldest Latino cook in one of his writings when referring to the storage room where onions were kept. By the time, the meaning of the word “hostaria” changed and became the place where common but tasteful people used to eat.

Thus, how by today’s osteria we simply refer to an authentic Italian hangout with traditional delicacies and warm atmosphere! Such an Osteria was created by Vangelis Alvertis – chef and owner of Pranzo Tinos – by the sea, at the old port of Tinos. His philosophy emphasizes in a sense of simplicity and quality that is reflected in the decoration and in every culinary creation.

The Italian culinary tradition and the traditional Tinian cuisine “met” in Venetian Tinos. Today, Vangelis, based on their common references, matched one with the other creatively. Authentic carbonara, real Italian thin-crust pizza, pork loin stuffed with sun-dried tomato sauce and Muscat wine, homemade lasagna with artichokes produced in Tinos, carrot, onion and dill and also, fresh fish (eg grouper with Pappardelle in the oven with tomato, rosemary and Mavrodafni wine) which will need to be ordered in time to be obtained by Vangelis from the trawls that literally tie up(anchor) outside the shop. The dining experience is supplemented by a selected list of local and other wines and of course, the delectable dessert of the day.

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