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Tinos Villages

Tinos Villages. Tinos is famous for its villages. It is the only case of an island in Cyclades and perhaps in Greece that has more than forty-five villages, all traditional settlements that remain unchanged over time, with absolute respect for traditional architecture. The tour in the interior of the island and the discovery of the secrets of each village is a unique experience for the visitor of Tinos.

In order to organize your tour, we created the interactive VILLAGES MAP that contains all the villages of Tinos! There, you will find all the information about each village on its respective page. How to get there, what to see, facts and tips, attractions, museums, shops, places to eat, taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars as well as the neighboring villages and the beaches in close distance that you can add in your tour.

A basic geographical grouping of the villages is the following:
– Eastern Tinos: Following the so called by the locals “old” road towards the villages you meet Triantaros (and Berdemiaros) and then Dyo Choria and Arnados ending at the Monastery of Virgin Mary. Going down you will find Tzados, Kechros, Mesi and the main villages of Falatados and Steni. From there you can head to Myrsini and Potamia.
– Central Tinos: Following the “new” road of the villages, Tripotamos is the first village you meet and further east Sperados, Karya and Mountados. Heading west you meet Xinara, Loutra, Volax (bypassing via Skalados) and Koumaros. Continuing towards Kolimbithra beach, you pass by Krokos. On the left of the road leading to the beach you find Perastra and Komi while on the right of the road, the villages Agapi, Sklavochorio and the Monasitira. If you do not continue towards Kolimbithra but you turn left (at the big crossroads) you will be led to Kato Kleisma, Karkados, Aetofolia and Kalloni.
– Western Tinos: Following the “new” road of the villages and heading west (left at the big junction) you reach, through a short left detour, Ktikados and Hatzirados or you may continue to Kambos, Tarambados and Smardakito. From the same route (or alternatively continuing the coastal road of Kionia) you reach (NW) the villages of Exo Meria: Kardiani and Ysternia (with the respective bays), the famous Pyrgos, its port Panormos and the neighboring Mamados, Marlas, Venardados and Platia.

Browse the interactive VILLAGES MAP and find your favorite villages of Tinos.


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