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23/8, 00:00 NINEMIA@OMMA Bar Restaurant - Da Mike, Dan Barrow


22/7-15/9/2022. Dimitris Alithinos - Dafni Atha. An Εcstatic Procession to Delos maps the organic interconnection between Tinos and the sacred island of Apollo, Delos

12th Jazz In Tinos

This year, however, our Foundation restarts the Festival and invites Jazz fans to a musical feast with well-known and newcomers to Jazz on Tinos

Tinos World Music Festival 2021

Tinos World Music Festival returns anew from the 2nd to the 4th of July in Tinos and is dedicated to the wind instruments of Greece and the Balkans


Tinos, Greece
Aetofolia, after the settlement of artists from Sifnos (Cyclades), became a center of pottery.


Agapi village is one of the oldest villages of the island. In the Middle Ages it was called "Passage", since passing through

Panagia Tinou

Tinos, Greece
The Church of Annunciation (Panagia Evaggelistiria) is one of the most important religious centers of Orthodoxy worldwide

Zohodohou Pigis Church

Panagia Tinou, Chora, Tinos
In the Church of Zohodohou Pigis, known as Evresi (=Discovery), you can see the exact point where the Sacred Icon was found.

Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios, Tinos, Greece
In the SE part of the island about 17km away from Chora. Spectacular views from the chapel of Agios Dimitrios

Agios Fokas

Agios Fokas, Tinos, Greece
Agios Fokas is a beach of Chora. It is one of the longest beaches of Tinos. That part at which the esplanade ends

Agios Fylaktos

Agios Fylaktos, Tinos, Greece
Located in the southeastern part of the island, it is about 16.5km off Chora. Small beach just for a handful

Agios Ioannis (Porto)

Agios Ioannis (Porto), Tinos, Greece
Located in the southeastern part of the island and approximately 6.5km from Chora. At the point where the road ends you meet

Agios Petros

Agios Petros, Tinos, Greece
Hanging on the big rock that splits the beach in two, there is the church of St. Peter (16th century)

Agios Romanos

Agios Romanos, Tinos, Greece
Located in the SW part of the island, about 12km away from the town. a small port that can accommodate small boats

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis, Tinos, Greece
Located in the southeastern part of the island, it is about 5.5 km from Chora. Sand and pebbles, shallow, natural shade from trees

Agia Thalassa

Agia Thalassa, Tinos, Greece
It is said that its name is due to the surprise of visitors when they first see it "Ah Gia thalassa" which means "What a sea!"


Tinos, Greece
Those who love fresh fish "throw anchor" (Agkyra=anchor) in the square of Pallada, at the authentic traditional fish tavern in the


N. Gyzi 3, Chora 84200, Tinos
You will find Aliazi in the picturesque narrow gorge that you find at the height of the old marble faucet. The old mansion's vault was


Malamatenia square, Chora, Tinos
Aliazi Enoteca's is constantly renewed, developed and enriched with new additions of different labels


Megaloharis Av. 1, Chora, 84200 Tinos, Greece
The travel agency ALOIMONOU operates since 1953 supplying your ferry tickets with consistency and reliability


Agios Ioannis Porto, 84200 Tinos
Anemologio Apartments are built in a magnificent location, of Ag. Ioannis – Porto, open view to the Aegean Sea and


Agios Fokas 84200, Tinos
The traditional architecture is celebrated in discreet magnificence A total welcoming experience in a village-like setting


Agios Fokas 84200, Tinos
Anthea is particularly pleased to host formal receptions or more casual parties for weddings, baptisms

Agios Markos

Agios Markos, Tinos, Greece
The Chapel of Agios Markos is picturesque with beautiful views. If you lie in the sun on the rocks, on the right side of the beach


Agios Fokas beach, 84200, Agios Fokas, Tinos
The Anthea Spa invites your senses in an unexpected relaxation and wellness trip. In its modern facilities, fully equipped


Fr. Paximadi & Afentouli, 84200 Chora, Tinos
On the shelves and near its tables which are laid outdoor, in one of the most popular alleys of Chora


Trion Ierarchon 2, 84200 Chora, Tinos
The Apergis Pharmacy is located on the central coastal road of Chora in Tinos. Today, with our two other pharmacies one at


Apigania, Tinos, Greece
Located in the SW part of the island, it is about 11 km from the town. Fine sand - pebble, shallow water, there is no


Kionia beach (Tsambia) - Tinos
As paradoxical as it may sound for the windy Tinos island, Notis and Iakovos bring calmness (=apnea) to the "house of Poseidon"


Tinos, Greece
From 1996 until today, those looking for an opportunity to "escape" (=Apodrasi in Greek) know very well what they will find. Authentic flavors


Steni, Tinos
Six rooms for rent for those who wish to discover the interior of the island and visit the beautiful nearby beaches


Apothikes, Tinos, Greece
Located in the southeastern part of the island, it is about 16 km from the town. Reaching Kolymbithra, continue the road uphill


Lazarou Sohou, 84200 Chora
Evi Athanassopoulou, designer and creator of ARMONIA CONCEPT, designs in harmony with nature and with high quality


Arnados,Tinos, Greece
Arnados is built on the slope of Kechrovouni on a higher elevation than the other villages, which offers a spectacular view


Agios Sostis, Tinos
Autonomous apartments overlooking the Aegean sea, in the southeastern part of Tinos, just 10' from Tinos town (Chora)


The hotel Asteria is located in Tinos Town (Chora), in a central position just across the New Port


Pyrgos square, 84200 Tinos
ATHMAR (Thyme in the local dialect) is the small cozy all day place that you will meet at the stairs of the main square of Pyrgos


Pyrgos square, 84200 Tinos
ATHMAR (Thyme in the local dialect) is the small cozy all day place that you will meet at the stairs of the main square of Pyrgos


Tinos, Falatados, 842 00, Greece
Axahas is located in Falatados, a mountainous village on the foot of the old Venetian castle “Xombourgo”, with classical Cycladic


Arnados, 84200 Tinos
It is a visiting cellar (dated back to 1350 AD) of unique beauty, with labyrinthine corridors and small rooms to dominate, while part of


Berdemiaros, Tinos, Greecce
The small and very picturesque village of Berdemiaros is actually part of Triantaros. It is significant that during the last century


Pyrgos, 84200 Tinos
It's all about Rock! The historic rock bar Boheme, which has been operating since 1985 in Ilioupoli, Athens, was moved to the village


Malamatenias & Lagourou, Chora Tinos
Behind the church of Malamatenia, in one of the most characteristic spots of the old town, among traditional houses of typical island


Chora, Tinos, Greece
BP is the first gas station you meet when leaving the town, situated at Aghia Paraskevi in Chora, opposite the entrance/exit of the


Drossou coast, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Νew entry in the beautiful neoclassical house of the Foundation of Tinian Culture, a spot with a unique view of the old


Tinos, Agios Sostis, 842 00, Greece
Cavos complex is a small white village built in traditional style, offering a true breath of relaxation and enjoyment for your

Church Museum in Arnados

Tinos, Arnados, Greece
The Museum of sacred relics founded in 1987 and is housed in a utility room of the Church of the Ascension.


Tinos, Tripotamos, Greece
The aim of the “Crossroads Inn” Traditional Lodgings project, was to enrich our guests’ alternatives: to give them the pleasure


Triporamou Avenue, Chora 84200, Tinos
Comfortable and carefree travels in Tinos, equipped with safe and reliable cars that meet all your requirements


Agios Fokas Beach (Agali), 84200
Tables on the sand, the sound of the wave that pops up in front of you, great food, friendly atmosphere. Authentic Greek summer


Lagades, 84200 Agios Fokas, Tinos
Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas is an ideal place for memorable holidays, weddings, family reunions or other events


Lagades, 84200 Agios Fokas, Tinos
Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas is an ideal place for memorable holidays, weddings, family reunions or other events


Giannaki Bay, 84200 Kardiani, Tinos
One of the most beautiful balconies of the island, hanging over the rocks, with amphitheatrical view-sea at the bay


Pyrgos, 84200, Tinos
A new establishment at Pyrgos, on the island of Tinos, which is bound to bring back memories of the old traditional pizza to all


Ktikados, 84200 Tinos, Cyclades
Authentic, traditional tavern as it used to be. It started before the war, initially as a grocery store selling the main products


Agios Ioannis Porto, Tinos 84200, Greece
Drosoulites apartments are waiting for you by the sand at the beautiful beach of Agia Kyriaki. Imagine waking up and having


Nikiforou Lytra, Chora 84200
The Interior Designer Dimitra Papadopoulou creates unique and functional spaces (retail shops, offices, residences and hotels).

Dyo Choria

Dyo Choria, Tinos, Greece
Built on the slope of Kechrovouni at an altitude of 380m. Initially, there were two separate villages, each with its own parish


Dyo Choria, 842 00 Tinos, Greece
A place of meeting for all those who want to enjoy traditional dishes made from fresh products of Tinian land


25is Martiou 19, Chora Tinos
The beauty salon is located in a central area of Chora providing high quality hairdressing services that include


Agios Petros beach, Tinos, Greece
Just a few meters from the beach, the seven traditional houses harmoniously combine the feeling of a traditional settlement


Evaggelistrias Av.. Chora, Tinos 84200
Located in the heart of the old town of Tinos Chora and renovated with respect to the neo-classical style, the KOU-ROS house


Agios Fokas beach, 84200 Tinos
An ideal choice for a wedding, baptism or other event in Tinos. It has all the necessary infrastructure and the ability to support


Agios Fokas beach, 84200 Tinos
Mediterranean cuisine along with the sea breeze on the beach of Vrekastro, at the point where the beach of Agios Fokas ends

Elli Mausoleum (P.I.I.E.T.)

Tinos, Greece
The Mausoleum of Elli is a small place with great historical significance, It awakens memories of the August 15, 1940, when


Agias Paraskevis 13, Chora 84200, Tinos
Her love for nature and what is handmade brought Georgia to the island some years ago and gave to her creations the aroma of


7 Kon. Alavanou, Chora, 84200 Tinos
Ιnternational property maintenance and management agency, especially designed for those who own a house on an island


Stavros Tinos, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Through the experience and the well-qualified staff, we aim at the finest organization of your event guaranteeing a flawless result


Falatados, Tinos, Greece
Falatados is the second largest (after Pyrgos) village of Tinos. Falatados is renowned for its raki. In the village, there are many


Nikolaou Foskolou 2, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Faros rooms are located in the neighborhood of Kallithea, just a 3-minute walk from the harbor, 7 minutes from the church of

Fero Chorio

Fero Chorio, Tinos, Greece
Fero Chorio is a small village built in a gully on the SE part of the island. Rumors say it was one of the first villages built in Tinos


Smardakito, 84200 Tinos
Fiorantis Group provides complete solutions of high standards for the sound, music, lighting coverage of your event

Folk Art Museum of Agia Triada

Gyrla, Tinos
The Monastery of Agia Triada (Gyrla) has a small but interesting museum of folk art that brings together elements of everyday

Folk Museum of Arnados

Arnados, Tinos, Greece
The Folklore Museum includes various exhibits such as: Houseware, Old items, Tools having to do with occupations


Pantanassis square, 84200, Chora, Tinos
The travel-tickets agency of Nikos Foskolos located on Evaggelistrias Street (Pantanassis square) takes over the issuing


Megaloharis Av. 1, 84200 Tinos
Our goal is to succeed through our lens, to capture your most powerful and important moments. Through


Tinos, Chora Coast 84200, Greece
Authentic handmade pizza dough, baked in a traditional wood oven, pasta of all kinds


Stavrou - Kionion Av. 0 (Pallada), Chora, 84200 Tinos
The building that 80 years ago housed a catholic monastery is completly renovated into fully equipped rooms preserving


Taxiarchon & Kontogeorgi square, Chora, Tinos
The tradition of the frying shops of Tinosin revives in a fresher and renewed version, maintaining simplicity and authenticity


Άγιος Ιωάννης Πόρτο, Τήνος
Enjoy your coffee, soda, drinks, our awesome coctails, ouzo with some snacks on the beach, while being able to


I. Kotsoni 3, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Galini rooms are located in the center of Tinos Chora, very close to the church of Megalohari and only 100 meters from the port


Trion Ierarchon, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Olive Oil tasting, Food & Wine pairing, an authentic gastronomic experience in the beautiful Old Hammam venue

Gallery (P.I.I.E.T)

Panagia Tinou. Chora, Tinos
The Gallery brings together more than 120 works of great Greek and foreign painters. Founded in 1961, thanks to the donation of

Gastria (Front) Dialyskari

Gastria (Ebros Dialiskari), Tinos, Greece
Located near Kionia, it is 4.2km (the last 1km walk) from the town. The picturesque chapel of Panagia Gastriotisas is built on the cliffs.


Hatzirados, Tinos village
Hatzirados is a small traditional village built near Ktikados. It is speculated that the settlement existed since the 15th century.


Choras - Tripotamou Av. (oposite Sklavenitis super market), Chora, 84200 Tinos
The car repair station of Iakovos Vidalis in Tinos undertakes all types and all models of cars providing specialized services


Ismael, Tinos, Greece
Ismael is an abandoned village of rare, wild beauty.


Old Port, Chora 84200, Tinos, Greece
Jason Rent a Car is a family business, pioneers in offering professional car & bike rental services in Tinos island since

Jesuits Monastery (Loutra)

Tinos, Loutra, Greece
The Jesuits Monastery was initially founded in 1670, the first catholic monastery of the island


Volax, Tinos
Definitely during your stay in Tinos you will pass by Volax and you will stop for coffee or raki in the traditional cafe you will meet on the


Kalamia, Tinos, Greece
Situated in Chora, by the port. It is the closest beach to Chora. The islet in the middle is called Chandra


Tinos, Kalloni, Greece
Its name "Kalloni" means beauty. The village was formerly called "kellia", a name given to rural homes ("cells" in the local dialect)


Kalyvia, Tinos, Greece
Located in the (SW)part of the island, it is about 16.5km from Chora. Just before Kardiani, turn left towards the bay


Kalyvia beach, 84200, Kardiani, Tinos
In Kalyvia you will find the beach bar "KALYVIA BEACH". In the summer of 2005, Mark set up there, for his friends initially


Kambos, Tinos, Greece
Kambos (=plain) is situated in one of the few fertile valleys of the island. The best preserved windmill


Kandani, Tinos, Greece
Located in the (SW)part of the island, it is about 11.5km from Chora. the rocks at the right end of the little trees


One of the most beautiful villages of the island, with stunning architecture and breathtaking views, has been identified

Kardiani (Giannakis)

Ormos Kardianis, Tinos, Greece
Located in the SW part of the island, it is about 17km from Chora. A major landowner living in the area (19th cent.)...


Karkados, Tinos, Greece
In the area of Karkados, an ancient copper mine was found and it is likely that the name of the village comes from the word halkos (copper in English).


Karya, Tinos, Greece
Karya is one of the oldest villages of the island. In a ravine south of the village, an archaeological discovery was found

Kato Kleisma

Kato Kleisma, Tinos, Greece
Kato Kleisma is a rural village at one end of the fertile meadows of Komi. The name must be from the Italian word


Kavalourko, Tinos, Greece
Located near Panormos, it is approximately 29km from Chora. Following the path to Kavalourko, make a stop in the yard of


Kechros, Tinos, Greece
Kechros is a small and picturesque village, built on the plateau of Livaderi, near Steni.


58 Poseidonos Av., 84200 Kionia, Tinos
Kionia tavern is famous for the qualitative food and distinguished for the quality and the variety of fishes


Kionia, Tinos, Greece
Situated close to Chora, it lies approximately 3km west. In Kionia, there is the ancient Temple of Poseidon and Amphitriti


Poseidonos Av. 58, 84200 Kionia, Tinos
18 apartments fully equipped and spaciously, just 2,5 km from the city/port of Tinos


Kolymbithra, Tinos, Greece
Located in the N section of the island, it is about 15 km from Chora Kolymbithra bay has two beaches. Mikri Ammos


Komi, Tinos, Greece
The village got its name from the word "Komi", which means central settlement, apparently by its size and location.


Koumaros, Tinos, Greece
Koumaros is a small (fewer than thirty inhabitants) and very picturesque village, built on the steep mountainside of Fourka.


Koumelas, Tinos, Greece
Located in the NW part of the island, it is about 29km from Chora. near the Strait between Andros and Tinos.


Tinos, Greece
A tavern (=koutouki) full of memories, dating back to 1812 and also filled with scents and taste, it became an inspiration station for


Liaroutsou square (Chora coast), 84200 Chora, Tinos
he pharmacy KRIKELLIS is the oldest pharmacy in Tinos and it has been operating for about 100 years


Krokos 84200, Tinos
An all-day bistrot that combines modern with traditional and especially simplicity with quality. In the courtyard


Krokos, Tinos, Greece
The name comes from the plant been cultivated (or grew naturally, opinions differ) in the roofs of houses and was used to


Tinos, Greece
Housed in one of the most beautiful and historic buildings on the western edge of Tinos harbor, is one of the most famous all day shops in Tinos


Ktikados, Tinos, Greece
Ktikados is a traditional and very picturesque village, close to Chora, with spectacular views of Kionia.


Gafou & Pomer, 84200, Chora, Tinos
In one of the most picturesque streets of Chora and just a few steps from the old port of Tinos, we meet the traditional coffee house "Kyriakatiko"


Agios Ioannis (Porto), 84200 Tinos
In the picturesque bay of Agios Ioannis (Porto), just outside of Chora, LaLa Louza is a new, different proposition

Laouti (Skylantari)

Laouti (Skyladari), Tinos, Greece
It is located in the southeastern part of the island and is about 6 km from the town. One of the longest beaches of Tinos.


Lazarus, Tinos, Greece
Lazarus is a ruined village, and information about its past has been lost over the years. Located in an area of rare natural beauty.


Tinos, Falatados, Greece
In Falatados village, located in a central point and being near hiking trails, villages and beaches, you will find Life.


Panormos Tinos, Cyclades
In the picturesque port of Panormos you will enjoy authentic Mediterranean flavors and homemade Cycladic cuisine.


Livada, Tinos, Greece
Located in the NW part of the island, it is about 19km from Chora. One of the most impressive beaches of Tinos, of wild beauty.


Pantanassis square (coast), 84200 Chora, Tinos
Loocoomades are the fresh version of the traditional sweet of the island. On the menu, beyond the classic donuts with honey


Loutra, Tinos, Greece
Loutra(=baths) that were in the area, gave their name to the village. The village was an important religious and cultural


Lychnaftia, Tinos, Greece
Located in the southeastern part of the island, it is about 12km from Chora. Mykonos can be seen at a close distance.


Tinos, Kionia, Greece
Unique view of the sea but also the possibility of a savory dip in the Tinian cuisine immediately after the dip… in the cool Aegean sea!


Panormos, Tinos, Greece
Maistros, carrying on a tradition from 1987 until today, is a landmark for the seafood flavors of Tinos as based on quality and


Malli, Tinos, Greece
Located in the NW part of the island, it is about 30km from Chora. The water is turquoise, reflecting the color of green marble.


Trion Ierarchon 19, 84200, Chora, Tinos
The MALLIARIS car rental office of Panagiotis Malliaris, in Tinos Town (Chora), meets responsibly and consistently your


Old Port, Chora 84200, Tinos, Greece
Since 1979, our agency has provided millions of visitors with excellent travel services. We are the central broker for all


Mamados, Tinos, Greece
Mamados is a small village built on the northwest tip of the island, after Pyrgos. Most of its residents had been working in nearby


Karolou Vitali 3, 84200 Chora, Tinos
After the successful 17 years of operation in Athens, the famous art shop/gallery travels to the beautiful island of Tinos


Mantroklisi, Tinos, Greece
Located in the SW part of the island, it is about 18 km from Chora. After crossing Kolympithra (Megali Ammos)


Pyrgos, 84201 Tinos, Cyclades
We discover the uniqueness of our personality through the simple and pure, traditional products. Memories of scents awaken ...


Marlas, Tinos, Greece
Marlas is a small village built on the northwest tip of the island after Pyrgos. The name of the village must have derived from


Isternia square, 84200 Isternia, Tinos
A wonderful all day bar perched on picturesque Ysternia with magnificent Aegean views, promises to travel you to another era


Pyrgos Square, 84201 Pyrgos, Tinos
In one of the most beautiful squares in Cyclades, in the historic square of the traditional village of Pyrgos, a traditional café


Coastal road, 84200 Chora, Tinos
The insurance agency MEGOULAS INSURANCES, maintained by the insurance counselor Alexandros Megoulas, a partner of


Mesi, Tinos, Greece
The name of the village comes from the location, "Pentostrato" (meaning five streets) where the five main roads, leading to all


Tinos, Greece
The brand name "Mesklies" became synonymous with the high quality pastry and established itself in the field of confectionery


Paralia (coast), 84200, Chora, Tinos
Mesklies is open every day from early morning for coffee and breakfast to late evening for snacks and drinks


Trion Ierarhon, 84200, Chora, Tinos
In a lush garden, near the old port of Chora, you will find the restaurant "Mikro Karavi"


Trion Ierarhon, 84200, Chora, Tinos
In a lush garden, near the old port of Chora, you will find the restaurant Mikro Karavi, Its Greek - Cycladic cuisine, creatively


G. Palamari & Panaitiou Navarhou 1 , Chora, 84200 Tinos
MJ RENT A MOTO & BIKE of Tinos provides high quality and new motorcycle and bicycle rentals that are inspected by certified

Monastery Museum of Kechrovouni

Kechrovouni, Tinos, Greece
The monastery’s ecclesiastical collection is gathered in this museum. The exhibition includes old crosses and icons


Monastiria, Tinos, Greece
Monastiria is a deserted village with rare, wild beauty. It was abandoned in the mid 1970's.


Mountados, Tinos, Greece
Mountados is a traditional village, built on the slope of Kechrovouni. Its history begins 1000 years ago.


Megaloharis & Nik. Lytra, Chora, 84200 Tinos
Moxa espresso bar awaits you from morning to coffee, until evening for drinks and cocktails.

Museum of Costas Tsoclis

Kambos, Tinos, Greece
The spectrum of Fine Arts of the Aegean Sea has recently been enriched with the museum of Costas Tsoclis, in Tinos


Tinos Chora
Rent a car and discover Tinos, explore its beautiful beaches and villages, get ready to be surprised by the


Myrsini, Tinos, Greece
Myrsini is the picturesque village you'll meet after Steni while heading to Livada. At the foot of Tsiknias (729m), the highest mountain


Afentouli 2, 84200 Chora, Tinos
In the most picturesque alley of the historic center of the city of Tinos, at the place where our family carpenter shop used to be


Afentouli 2, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Authentic bistro on a picturesque pedestrian street in Tinos Chora. Delicious dishes, finger foods, fresh salads and delicious dishes


Pan. Navarchou 10, Chora 84200, Tinos
The law office of Nikolaos Spiliopoulos is located in Tinos Chora and has a practical expertise in real estate transfers and in real estate


Agios Fokas, Tinos
A few meters from the sea, with a sea breeze and 180º Aegean Sea views, the ultimate summer bar with...


Tripotamos Av., 84200 Chora, Tinos
Our company mainly specializes in organizing spectacular firework display shows in Tinos, Mykonos and the Cyclades area in


Trion Ierarchon 20, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Located in the heart of the city of Tinos, just 50 meters from the "old" Port and 200m from the Holy Temple of the Megalochari.


Tripotamos Av., 84200 Chora, Tinos
A wide range of products related to paints, insulators, ironware, fire extinguishers, decorative, tools, hunting


Taxiarhon & Kontogiorgi, Chora 84200, Tinos
At the pastry shop you'll find the traditional sweets of Tinos: almonds, local psarakia , sweet pies, pasteli, loukoumia as well


Leoforos Tripotamou, Chora, Tinos
OMMA just landed in beautiful Tinos. A new, all day restaurant bar with breathtaking vies, just arrived a few kms away from Chora


Ysternia, 84200 Tinos
Nikos continues the family tradition. With vision and boldness he created ORIZONTAS by renovating the old coffee shop in Ysternia


Ysternia, 84200 Tinos
Nikos continues the family tradition. With vision and boldness he created ORIZONTAS by renovating the old coffee shop in Ysternia

Pahia Ammos

Pahia Ammos, Tinos, Greece
Located in the southeastern part of the island, it is about 8.5km from Chora. It has a large flat expanse of sand and


Panormos, Tinos, Greece
Panormos, on the NE side of Tinos, the haven of Pyrgos and its unique natural harbor. The "Palermo", as Panormos is found in historical references

Panormos (Stafida)

Stavros, Tinos, Greece
Stafida is the beach of Panormos, 27km from Chora. In the area ducks, reeds and running waters will captivate your

Panormos Artists Museum

Pyrgos, Tinos, Greece
The major area of the village is tightly connected with a long tradition marble carving and has produced many of the greatest


Panousa, Tinos, Greece
Located in the southwestern part of the island, it is approximately 6.5km from Chora. Sand, pebbles, rocks, normal depth


Perastra, Tinos, Greece
It is a green village with stone bridges and traditional fountains, built beside a river. It was a turning point: the road connecting


Panormos, Tinos
A traditional tavern that loves homemade flavors, simplicity and authenticity and combines the quality of ingredients from the


Megaloharis Av 33, 84200, Chora, Tinos
The bookstore "Peri Tinos" was born in May 2006. As an eleven-year-old child, she is constantly engaged in books but also


Eleftherias square, 84200 Chora, Tinos
The hotel accommodates your furry friends by fulfilling all safety standards, health and comfort.


Megaloharis Av. 35, 84200 Tinos
Photographic studio in Tinos for those looking for an alternative look at their unique moments...


Agios Ioannis Porto, 84200 Tinos
In the settlement of Agios Ioannis Porto, 6 km east of the center of Tinos, we created with love and caring, based on the traditional

Piso Dialyskari

Piso Dialiskari, Tinos, Greece
Located near Vourni (W of Kionia) and about 6km from Chora. If you do not have a 4X4, choose walking down to the beach


Platia, Tinos, Greece
Platia is a small preserved village near Pyrgos. Main occupation of the villagers was the processing of marble

Platia Ammos

Platia Ammos, Tinos, Greece
Situated close to Chora, just a small distance off Kionia beach. From Platia Ammos you may as well go to


Potamia, Tinos, Greece
Potamia is built among three ravines (Xynari, Gourouni, Akeratou). The surrounding valleys are green, with plenty of running water


Breakfast delivery service by EXO Catering based on traditional recipes with the best local ingredients


Falatados, 84200 Tinos
Warm family atmosphere and dishes prepared with love, a place for companies to gather around a common table and share


Pyrgos, Tinos, Greece
Pyrgos is the largest village of Tinos proclaimed as traditional and one of the most scenic spots in the Cyclades.


Ktikados, Tinos
A modern tavern that draws inspiration from the tradition of the place, the simplicity and authenticity of life and food in


Rohari beach, Panormos, Greece
Οn Rohari beach, near Panormos, the Rochari Beach offers an alternative choice of swimming. It's kind of diving in the


Rochari, Tinos, Greece
Located near Panormos, approximately 28km Chora. Pass the promenade of Panormos and continue the road uphill

Sacristy (P.I.I.E.T.)

Panagia Tinou, Chora, Tinos
The Sacristy gathers precious religious objects from the 19th century up today. Among the exhibits are


Agiou Georgiou square, Chora Tinos
In the cetner of TInos Chora, Santiago bridged Tinos with Mexico! Takos and more than 40 labels of Tequila can be found at the


Agios Fokas beach, 84200 Tinos, Cyclades
"San to alati" (like salt), a children's tale for big kids! The fairytale that connects salt, meals and love has been the inspiration for

Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita, Tinos, Greece
Situated in the (N)A part of the island, approximately 15.5 km from Chora. Outstanding on the hill, the church of Our Lady of Angels.


Tinos, Greece
The two Sikoutris shops in Pallada (the old town of Tinos), at a short distance from each other, serving souvlaki, crepes


Tinos, Skalados, Greece
Skalados is built on a hillside, in the NW of Loutra. Walking up the picturesque cobbled streets, you will find the apparent


Sklavochorio, Tinos, Greece
Sklavochorio is a small mountain village in the east of Krokos. It was the hometown of the great Greek painter Nikolaos Gyzis


Smardakito, Tinos, Greece
Smardakito is built on the slope of mountain Raches, which offers breathtaking views of the valley of Komi and Xompourgo.


Sperados, Tinos, Greece
Traditional village according to the standards of tinian architecture. Located next to Tripotamos, Sperados is actually its extension.


Tinos, Greece
Situated close to Chora, it lies approximately 1.5 km off. A small part of the ancient harbor has survived up


Steni, Tinos, Greece
The village is built at the foot of the highest mountain on Tinos, Tsiknias. It is a "living" village and the biggest of Tinos in population.


Dyo Choria, Tinos
In Dyo Choria, in one of the most picturesque squares of the island you will find yourself Sto Kapaki! In the traditional - postmodern


Agios Ioannis Porto, 84200, Tinos
Right next to the beach, our lovely apartments offer a relaxing stay in one of Greece’s most undisturbed paradises


Tarambados, Tinos, Greece
Tarambados is a picturesque village with traditional houses and arches, built in a valley near Kambos. 20 pigeon houses well-preserved


3 Afoi Iordanou, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Carefully selected, men and women's clothing, jewelry, accessories, decorative items for the home or the beach in original designs

Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti

Kionia Tinos, Tinos, Greece
Temple dedicated to the worship of Poseidon and his wife Amphitriti. The establishment and expansion dates from the

The Convent of the Sacred Heart

Tinos, Exomvourgo, Greece
The Convent of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Exomvourgo of Tinos, is considered a great shrine of the Greek Catholic Church

The House of Sketch

Tinos, Falatados, Greece
Being tenth in the list of world ranking, this museum is first not only in Greece but also in the wider region of Southeast


Panormos 84200, Tinos
The traditionally-built Theodora offers self-catering accommodation with views over the Aegean Sea and the

Tinos (Chora)

Tinos (Chora), Greece
Chora is the capital of the island, and its commercial and tourist center, as well. It has two ports


Kato Kleisma, Tinos
Personal cooking services using pure local ingredients and utilizing special local products to bring you Tinos flavors


Triantaros, 84200 Tinos
A small settlement near the village of Triantaros that includes vacation villas for rent and a group of traditional


Chora 84200, Tinos
Tinos Sea Tours offers you the only way to experience the hidden beauty of Tinos island in Greece! With our boat Nissos Tinos


Triantaros, 84200 Tinos
A colorful space, smartly balancing between the minimal-modern and the retro-traditional. With a warm and relaxing atmosphere


Triantaros, 84200 Tinos
A colorful space, smartly balancing between the minimal-modern and the retro-traditional. With a warm and relaxing atmosphere


Tinos, Triantaros, Greece
The unique view of Tinos to the surrounding islands, and respect for the traditional architectural features are the two


Tripotamos, Tinos, Greece
Tripotamos is of great architectural interest. It looks like a castle consisting of houses built very close to each other fully preserving the traditional character

Tripotamos Folk Museum

Tinos, Tripotamos, Greece
The Folklore Museum of Tripotamos aims at the concentration, preservation, conservation and promotion of materials


Tinos 84200, Cyclades, Greece
Our travel office, with over 22 years of experience in the tourism industry, equipped with a modern fleet of vehicles, offfers a


Kionia beach (Tsampia), 84200, Kionia, Tinos
Next to the ancient temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite, a few meters from the beach you find the tavern Tsampia


Tzados, Tinos village
Tzados is a very small, but picturesque village. Located on the slopes of Kechrovouni over Karya.

Ursulines Monastery (Loutra)

Tinos, Loutra, Greece
In 1704 the first Ursulines nuns arrived in Tinos whilst in 1862 they organized the first monastery in Loutra village.


Vathi, Tinos, Greece
Located in the SW part of the island, it is about 24km from the city. The bay is narrow and deep and that’s why


Venardados, Tinos, Greece
Venardados is a small picturesque village built on a hill overlooking Pyrgos village. The name is due to a man named Bernardo


Old Port, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Vidalis rent-a-car & bike is a well established family business operating since 1980 in Tinos, offering its many clients


Volax, Tinos, Greece
Volax is built on a plateau in the center of Tinos island. By geological discoveries that came to the surface, it is probable

Volax Folk Museum

Volax, Tinos, Greece
The museum was created by the local association of the village, in 1992. The marble panels will lead you to the place where it is


Vourni (Ballos), Tinos, Greece
Located after Kionia,it is 6 km from Chora. The picturesque chapel, Agia Thalassini, is perched on the rocks


Tinos, Agios Fokas, Greece
Prehistoric fortified settlement, the oldest that has been detected in Tinos. The shells that have been found in excavations, indicate


Eparxiakos Tinou - Panormou (256.08 mi), 84200 Tinos
A bit wild, a bit luminous. Beat the Blues! Get up close and personal to some of the island’s untapped wilderness with a stay at


Xinara, Tinos, Greece
Xinara is built at the foot of Xombourgo and dates back to the 19th century. In medieval times, it was a cultural and commercial


Megaloharis 1 & Fotila, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Yiannis hairdressing salon has been constantly operating in Tinos since 1996. Yiannis love for hairdressing and creation generally


Ysternia, Tinos, Greece
Ysternia, one of the largest villages of the island, is located in the western part of the island. It was one of the major centers of marble art and produced

Ysternia Bay (Skinaki)

Ysternia, Tinos, Greece
Located in Ysternia Bay, a seaside village, one of the most popular destinations on the island


Ι. Voulgari, 84200 Chora, Tinos
YUPIYANNA Beauty, Health & Wellness Center in Tinos is a complete, modern health and beauty center